Perkville at Active Fitness

Custom rewards and benefit scheme for members

Perkville is an automated rewards and referral programme that links in with our membership system at Active Fitness Club. Perkville allows you to earn rewards for literally turning up and training amongst other stuff like participating in challenges, earning MyZone effort points, purchasing stuff in store, taking classes, referring friends, posting to social media, reviewing us, checking in and, celebrating your birthday while being a member and much more.

How to earn Reward Points

Active reward points can be earned at Active Fitness Club in various ways. A comprehensive list can be found below:

How to redeem Reward Points

Active reward points can be redeemed at Active Fitness Clubs in several ways. We will also be partnering up with local business in the future. 

Basic Protein Shake (-50)

This rewards you with one free basic protein shake.

Bring A Buddy (-100)

Training with friends is always more fun, so why not use your points a treat a friend to session at the Club with you.

Free Week Pass (-150)

Redeem this reward for a free week pass to the Club, that can be used by. a friend or family member. They will have access to all the gym and group exercise.

10 Protein Shakes Voucher (-400)

Receive a voucher for 10 complimentary protein shakes.

Coffee Cup (-500)

Reusable and environmentally Active Fitness coffee cup

Stronger Than Yesterday T-Shirt (-500)

Treat yourself to one of our exclusive T-shirts. You've done the work, now show it off proudly.

Pot O Gold Taster Bundle x10 (-1000)

Give our Pot O Gold meals a try or get your lunch sorted for 2 weeks. This is the perfect introductory bundle to try the Gold Standard Nutrition range of meals. You can pick them up directly from the Club, where you can also select the flavours you'd like to try.