We understand for one reason or another that you may feel you need to cancel your gym membership at Active Fitness Club.

Did you know you can freeze your membership for a maximum or 3 months? Meaning that if you are unwell, you are on a holiday or just can’t get down to the club you can put your membership on hold. Once you are ready to return we can un-freeze your account and you can resume using the facilities without paying another joining fee.

If you would like to freeze your membership, please click here.

What is the cancellation process?
If for some reason you need to cancel your membership this can be done via our online cancellation form (below) Simply fill in your details and we will terminate you membership at the club. There is no need to cancel your direct debt at the bank, doing so will put your membership in arrears.

*Please note: we have a 30 day notification process meaning that after you submit the form we will take one more payment from that date. You will still be able to train and use the facilities till the end of the following month. If you have queries regarding any of our memberships please do not hesitate to contact us.

Community Activation Limited manage these facilities on behalf of Active Fitness Clubs. | 01305 787 000