Get in the best shape of your life with Active Coach!

Active Coach is a small group personal training service that runs out of Active Fitness Club in Weymouth. Active Coach is a specialist programme focusing on achieving the one thing that matters most to you… getting RESULTS.

At Active Coach, we don’t do fad diets. We create a successful nutrition strategy to fit your lifestyle; one that builds gradually on the formation of new habits. We offer results that last… not another yo-yo diet.

Our driving purpose is to support men and women in our community to get their bodies back and become the best version of themselves. In doing so, we will help you to lose weight, feel amazing and start to love the body you live in.

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At the start of your Active Coach trial, you will be assigned your own Accountability Coach. This will be one of our experienced trainers, who will be there to support and guide you on a daily basis.


In our strategy session, one of our coaches will sit down with you to discuss your health history, any past or current injuries you might have and your specific goals. They will take this time to truly get to know you and hear about everything you’re looking to accomplish.


Your coach will then take you through a quick physical assessment. The assessment is very simple, and is a way for our coaches to get a sense of how you move currently, and which program we think would be best for you!


Following the strategy session, your coach will take what they have learned about your goals, exercise history and movement and then design a programme, specifically tailored to you. The programme will contain two workouts, A and B, which you will perform in rotation over the next 4 weeks.


Each workout will be led be one of our coaches, who will be on had to warm you up, mobilise you and then coach you through your programme. Training sessions will take place in small groups of up to 4 people. This helps to create social support and enjoyment.


During your trial, you will receive daily emails to support your journey. This include topics such as how much should I eat, should I feel discomfort after workouts and how much weight might I expect to lose. With so much seemingly conflicting information available via the media and online, we want to help you cut through the bulls*t.


To access progress, you need to know the starting point for your journey. We will help you to monitor a number of key metrics, one of which is body composition. This is essentially telling you about the levels of fat and muscle in your body. It is not a test and we make no judgment…and neither should you. It simply sets a marker for where you are now and we will then retest at the end of the trial. Easy!


Nutrition is number one. As most of our Active Clients want to start with some fat lose, we make sure that you have all the nutrition support you need during your trial. We don’t want to overwhelm you too much at the start, so we will generally suggest completion a 3 day food diary, to get a feel for where you are now. We will then go into greater detail, looking at habits, calorie balance and food tracking options. We will also add to to the superb Precision Nutrition platform for additional online support, in addition to what you will receive from your coach.


With your free trial, not only do you get access to Active Coach, but you also have full access to all the other gym facilities and classes. We have a full class programme and a well equipped cardio area, if you want to do more outside of your coached sessions. You can also chill out in the sauna and steam room.

Active Coach is for you if:

✅ You want to lose weight
✅ Struggling to get results at the gym
✅ Bored of the same workouts every time you visit the gym
✅ Finding it hard to fit in the gym and food prep around your busy work schedule
✅ You’re fed-up about not being able to fit in your favourite clothes that you feel confident
✅ You are frustrated of stopping-and-starting your fad diets and unrealistic training plans and need a solution that guarantees to get results.

What you get with Active Coach:

✅ Plenty of training slots available each week, to fit around your busy schedule
✅ Strategy session
✅ Nutritional coaching
✅ Body composition analysis
✅ Personalised training programme tailored towards your goals
✅ Accountability coach to ensure you never miss a session
✅ Dedicated Facebook group to interact with other clients/members
✅ Optional MyZone wearable heart rate and fitness tracking system
✅ Full access to the gym and fitness classes

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